Unity Isn’t Just A Buzzword

I admit, I was on the fence about Barack Obama prior to the Democratic National Convention. Besides the fact that I’m an independent, I find myself in middle age socially liberal and fiscally conservative, so the Democratic platform dissuaded me from fully being on board just from the “tax and spend” ways of their liberal agenda. I had been a “fan” of John McCain when he ran for office last time, but I was disturbed by his cozying up to a man I knew he despised, George W. Bush. It was when Sarah Palin got on the Republican ticket that I took a closer look at what Obama was all about and started seeing the man and his mission for what they were: a genuine desire to right this country after eight years of mismanagement.

Now that the neocons are finally leaving the White House, I look around to see if my fellow Americans are doing the right thing and getting behind our new president. By and large, Obama has a huge number of our citizens in solid support of him and wish him well and Godspeed. What I find amazing is there is any portion of the country that actually wishes he would fail, as evidenced by so many bloggers’ vociferous condemnation of virtually everything the man has proposed – from his cabinet choices to his plan to fix the economy to his desire to burnish America’s reputation among our longest held allies.

Here’s what I have to say to all those that wish Obama ill will – if you want our new president to fail, you want our country to fail. And if you want our country to fail, you should find another one that will tolerate your displaced hatred. Put aside your blind idealogical loyalties, set aside your petty bigotry and dismissive attitude and unite behind our country’s next leader. If you insist on remaining stuck in your neocon mire, then the collective “we” have no need for you. Really.


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