Now the Hard Work Begins

I’ve been amazed and inspired by so many scenes of hope and joy as our forty-fourth President was sworn into office today. Barack Obama has been given an awesome responsibility and a daunting task, that much is certain. However, the American people have been equally tasked with the same burden. As our President goes, the nation goes – and we can choose to wait and see how the new Administration addresses the challenges before us or we can make changes in our own lives that are both meaningful and measurable. Clearly, the new man in the White House cannot lead us out of our current troubles alone. For us to write the new chapter in our American saga, it will take the collective will and sacrifices of all of us. We want our narrative to have a happy ending . . . a story arc that’s on the upswing after so much time spent in the depths of frustration and anger.

How you can help is up to you. You know what needs to be done in your own lives, in your own communities. Don’t disconnect from the political process or the operations of our local, state and federal governments’ affairs. We are blessed with a powerful tool for communicating with each other and drawing all of us together. Use the Internet to spread the message of strength and service. Call upon your elected officials to do the right thing, not the expedient thing or the politically tolerable thing. Be a full-fledged citizen and not just a casual observer. Our collective strength is in our unified voice and spirit.

Welcome to your new and improved country, America.


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