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The Loyal Opposition

Joe, no reasonable person should stoop to name-calling or other immature tactics when objecting to a point, I don’t care on which side of the debate you’re on. I often disagree with your POV and occasionally agree, but I’ve found that you’re one of the fair ones on the conservative right and I respect you for it. I wish others would stop with the gross generalizations, whether they be bloggers or mainstream pundits – all this fear-mongering continues to widen the gap between us all.

As for the stimulus, well, we’ll see. Like I’ve written many times since Obama was elected, one can be against the President’s politics, but you must be “for” his attempts at fixing our sick economy. Wanting Obama to fail is wanting all of us to fail. Thankfully, Joe, you’re not of that ilk.

Ignore the haters, Joe, and keep being the “Loyal Opposition.” Debate, fair and balanced, keeps our democracy healthy and relevant.

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