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The Loyal Opposition

Joe, no reasonable person should stoop to name-calling or other immature tactics when objecting to a point, I don’t care on which side of the debate you’re on. I often disagree with your POV and occasionally agree, but I’ve found that you’re one of the fair ones on the conservative right and I respect you for it. I wish others would stop with the gross generalizations, whether they be bloggers or mainstream pundits – all this fear-mongering continues to widen the gap between us all.

As for the stimulus, well, we’ll see. Like I’ve written many times since Obama was elected, one can be against the President’s politics, but you must be “for” his attempts at fixing our sick economy. Wanting Obama to fail is wanting all of us to fail. Thankfully, Joe, you’re not of that ilk.

Ignore the haters, Joe, and keep being the “Loyal Opposition.” Debate, fair and balanced, keeps our democracy healthy and relevant.

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GOP senators say Obama off to bad start – CNN.com

GOP senators say Obama off to bad start – CNN.com

You have to love the Republicans as they continue to demonstrate a complete break with reality and to lie in the very face of the American people. I think it’s important to remind the GOP, the party of FAIL, that bipartisanship does not mean that the current Administration has to concede to your prescription for recovery. Frankly, not a single one of you has the authority to speak on fixing the economy that your President allowed to break. It was under W.’s watch that the American economy is in the toilet as well as that of the rest of the world. How can you actually say with a straight face that you know better when you failed to know better for the last eight years.

Lest your conservatives forget, your party was guilty of so many wrongs during the G.W. Bush era, not the least of which was disregarding the Democratic party on virtually every crucial issue faced. The GOP is the least likely to own the “bipartisan” label and it’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Face it, Republicans, you dropped the ball and now you’re crying sour grapes because you’ve been relegated to the sidelines.

As has been stated time and again (including in this blog): if your sole intent is to see the President fail, you want the country to fail. And if you want the country to fail, you are committing what is tantamount to treason. So, Grand Old Party, why don’t you do the right thing for once and get behind the man in the White House even if you don’t subscribe to his politics. The economic recovery is not a political issue – it’s a matter of our collective survival. You just better pray that Obama and his team can save us from a crisis you and your President caused.

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House in heated stimulus debate – Jan. 28, 2009

House in heated stimulus debate – Jan. 28, 2009.

Despite President Obama’s attempt to bring some level of bipartisanship to the economic stimulus bill, the House Republicans held the party line and to a Representative, voted against it, bringing eleven Democrats along for the ride. While concerns about the staggering amount of spending are warranted, the GOP’s insistence on major tax cuts just shows how out of touch they are regarding the state of our economy. Business is not not going to get jump-started by reducing taxes; rather, an infusion of capital in the form of government grants and bank loans are what’s needed.

In the meantime, thanks to the Bush Administration’s wasteful spending of our tax dollars on an illegal war has redirected resources toward the critical needs of our infrastructure. Without an investment in those key areas, our very national security is at stake. Why not use the money we give to Washington to embark on those shovel-ready projects while at the same time employing those that suddenly find themselves on the unemployment lines? Seems it worked pretty well for a guy named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, another Democrat who followed a failed Republican Administration.

Welcome to the New Deal 2.0 – and let’s wish all of us the same success the first one brought us. Without that FDR’s bold approach, we’d be a much weaker nation even today.

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Obama’s first 100 days – Jan. 20, 2009

Obama’s first 100 days – Jan. 20, 2009.

The challenges that the Obama Administration are facing are daunting enough, but the additional pressure of making significant progress in his first 100 days is probably something the new President really didn’t need. However, this is the hand he was dealt, so all we can do is to wish him and his team well and do our part when called upon to help.

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